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Congestion control over FUSE socket

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I'm writing a service which detects hhosts in the network offering SSH/SFTP, and mounts the homedirectory on that host using a FUSE-sftp fs over SSH. At this moment the FUSE fs is mounted at:


I'm thinking about mounting at:


YTHis works ok, but might be a problem when "file search engines" are used, like filelight and baloo: they might use all capacity of the fs, leafing too little for other applications. Are there good ways to do this? I know there is the fair queueing in the Linux kernel (see: Networking options / QoS and/or fair queueing like Class Based Queueing) , and what is a the way to go in userspace? The pid is known, so a table with pid and amount of work/calls done the latest x miliseconds is possible.

Thanks in advance,

Stef Bon the Netherlands

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